Travel Is Possible

Relatively recently, people have started to travel for long periods of time or for work. More and more jobs are available online, so people can travel all over the world without giving up their jobs.

Several people have left their homes with little money and managed to live amazing lives through constant travel. All one needs to begin their life’s adventure is a backpack and a few hundred dollars.

A man who calls himself “Wandering Earl” left his home in 1999 for what was then a planned three-month trip to Asia, but he has been traveling ever since. Earl left home with only $1500 and a duffel bag. To be able to afford this constant state of travel, Earl works online and also has written three books which he sells online, which are actually a huge source of income for him. As he moved around Southeast Asia, Earl taught English, making enough money to pay for the costs of living in whichever country he was in at the time. After returning to the United States in search of better job opportunities to save up money, Earl saved up a few thousand dollars and continued his journey. He has been traveling for 16 years now, demonstrating how easy it is to round up some money and start traveling.

Through my years of travel, though not constant, I have met so many people who are constantly traveling. Many of them settle in a town or country for a while (like a month or a few months) and make some money and explore the place where they are. I think this is a great way to travel because travel is not just a week-long vacation, it is truly knowing a place, meeting people who live there, and interacting with the community that makes an impacting travel experience.

My friend/ Spanish teacher Trisha Alcisto has been traveling for about two years now all around the world. She lived in Costa Rica for five years and then followed her wanderlust to Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and many other places. She has made money by teaching English and also editing books online for writers. Trisha keeps track of her experiences on her blog. She shares funny happenings she has come across and also explains why and how she has traveled for these two years. Trisha only reserves the first night she enters a country at a hotel and then explores the city to see where she can stay for cheaper and a more enriching experience. Her way of travel is perfect for anyone seeking a long-term adventure.

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